Departments In Madrasa

There are following department in the madrasa

Department of Ehtamam : All the matters and affairs of this Madrasa are directly related to this department. It patronizes all the departments’ activities. For the post of Ehtamam, the principle is kept in mind to appoint such a personality who has good learning, honesty and taqwa as well as posses the quality of administration and management.

Department of Accountant Muhasabi : This department is very important. All the income and expenditure of this Madrasa are related to this department. It has to record the details of income and expenditure of all departments, give payment after checking the bills forwarded by any department, bank related issues and so on. To prepare annual budget and live limited in that very budget is the responsibility of this very department.

Department of Hifz Quran Karim :The students are made memorize the Holy Quran by heart which is an important work. They are also taught tajwid and practice. The teachers perform their duty well in this department.

Department of Tajwid and Qirat : In this department, books of Tajwid and Qirat are taught as well as the studnets are made practise to recite the Holy Quran with tartil and hadar.

Department of Persian language :As there are a number of Islamic books in Persian language, so some Persian books like Taisirul Mubtadi, Hamdbari to Gulistan etc are taught the students

Arabic Department :In this department, Arabic Awwal (First Year Arabic class) up to Arabic Saum (Third Year Arabic class) is taught.

Department of Matbakh : This department has to make food for the students, to distribute it to them, and to have a record of all expenses and so on. Al-Hamdulillah, this Madrasah provides food to all admitted students and this department from the beginning, carries out all the assigned responsibilities in a nice way.

Department of Darul Iqama : This department deals specially with the internal affairs of the Madarsah, such as arranging the seats for the students, keeping an eye on the students in times other than class times, looking after those students who fall ill, providing quilt, blanket etc in winter season.

Kutubkhana (Library) : It is known to every learned person how much importance a library has. That is why, Madrasa has been focusing on collection of books since the beginning and the efforts for this are continuing till today. However, the collected books so far are insufficient for the students as they are in a great number. The well-wishers are kindly appealed to pay their attention towards it.