Madrasa Islamia Shamsul Uloom

Around 49 years ago Madrasa Islamia Shamsul Uloom was established in 1971 with the hand of Ulama-e-Akabireen and Buzurgane Deen of their time. This Madrasa is located in an area, which has a huge number of Muslims in its surrounding. However, no standard, full-fledged Madrasa except for Maktabs could be established in this area where the Muslim students could obtain standard religious education in a purely Islamic and traditional background. There was no Madrasa or Islamic Institute where they could obtain the degree of Hafiz, Qari, Alim and Fazil and become the leaders and torchbearers of the nation and its religious leaders, and put an end to the increasing irreligiousness and immodesty. Considering this phenomenon, without any facility or service Hazrat     Read more>>>

Makatib & Madaris Under Supervision Madrasa Shamsul Uloom

  • Maktab Deenia, Sheikh Toil, (W) Champaran
  • Madrasa Islamia Hari Nagar, (W) Champaran
  • Maktab Islamia, Sota, Nootan, (W) Champaran
  • Madrasa Isha'at Ul Uloom Gadyani Tola, Pujaha, (W) Champaran